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The 2019 Arnie Abrams Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

At the end of the October 2019 SHINE Leadership Meeting, the Department of Elder Affairs was able to celebrate the contributions of more than 490 statewide volunteers.  The Florida Department of Elder Affairs' SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) Program announced Nick Ross as the award winner for the Arnie Abrams Volunteer of the Year Award.  Learn More

SHINE volunteers continue to serve you, contact us for any Medicare assistance you need!


Who We Are

SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) is a free program offered by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and your local Area Agency on Aging. Specially trained volunteers can assist you with your Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance questions by providing one-on-one counseling and information. SHINE services are free, unbiased, and confidential.

Our Mission

The SHINE program supports the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ mission by providing free and unbiased health insurance counseling through a dedicated network of volunteers, empowering Florida seniors to make informed health care choices.

Request Assistance

Need a Resource? Contact Us.

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Fraud Alert!

Contact the SHINE SMP Program if you believe you have been a victim.

As the number of people and communities effected by the COVID-19 pandemic grows, so do the scams. Scammers use public health emergencies as opportunities for new fraud schemes, and because older adults are at greater risk for serious illness, they may target the older populations. There is currently no FDA-approved vaccine and although there are many treatments for symptoms, there is no "cure." However, scammers often use fear-based tactics to convince people that a vaccine or cure is now being offered. It is also important to remember that although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health officials may contact you if they believe you have been exposed to the virus, they will not ask you for insurance or financial information. 

Latest News

Cancellation of SHINE/SMP In-Person Counseling, Presentations, and Outreach Events Until Further Notice

Due to the delicate nature of the services we provide, the clients we serve, our unique volunteer corps., and staff, the decision has been made to cancel all SHINE/SMP participation in scheduled outreach events, presentations, and in-person counseling until further notice. SHINE volunteers and staff will continue to provide counseling services, but they will be conducted over-the-phone. This will allow us to continue to provide services to those who need us, in a way that ensures the safety of our volunteers, clients, and local staff.

To learn more, speak with a local Medicare counselor provided to you by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs' SHINE Program.  For assistance, contact the Elder Helpline at 1-800-963-5337, or visit
www.floridashine.org. Click on the Community Events tab to see a listing of enrollment events in your area, click on the Counseling Sites tab to locate counseling sites near you, or click on the Contact Us Tab to request assistance from a trained SHINE counselor. 

Remember you must make your changes before midnight on December 7, 2019, do not hesitate call SHINE today! 

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